Weight-Mate features

The Weight-mate is molded from extremely durable polyethylene, which will not crack or break in freezing temperatures (Down to -40 Fahrenheit). The Weight-Mates are not just a great idea for safety for anyone who drives a pick up truck in inclement weather conditions, or transports their families or loved ones in inclement conditions. Stay on the road and out of the ditch! The Weight-Mate will keep you going!

Weight-Mate Features

  • Easy fill
  • Easy drain
  • Fail safe over-flow
  • Non-skid Mat
  • Weight distributed directly over axles (adds up to 500 lbs. total weight)
  • Weighs only as little as 30 lbs. per side empty
  • Ribbed construction allows for top loading
  • Available for all trucks with or without Bed-liner
  • Easily stored in Summer
  • Less than 6" tall- uses very little box space
  • Made from durable polyethylene-will last for years to come!

So how much weight do they add?

Width (Each Tank)
Gallon Capacity Total Weight
6 foot 20 inches approx. 58 550 pounds
6 foot 24 inches approx. 66 610 pounds
6.5 foot 24 inches approx. 73 680 pounds
8 foot 24 inches approx. 88 833 pounds
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Weight-Mate information

The Weight-Mate provides much better support than the previous "conventional" ideas of adding either messy sandbags or extremely dangerous cinder blocks to the bed of the truck without the added worry of safety or damaging your truck! No worries about cinder blocks flying thru your rear window, no logs to fly out of the bed, no messy sandbags to get wet!

Weight-Mate installation video!

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Weight-Mates low profile design allows you, to still use the bed of your truck! The extremely durable Rotationally Molded product allows for heavy loads to ride on top of the weight-mate tanks. In fact, the design and construction of the Weight-Mate units is so durable, the design engineer purposefully designed the product so that he could haul his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on top of them with no issues!

You can also learn about the Weight-Mates "sister" product, the Water-Mates, which allow for transport of up to 60 gallons of potable water in the bed of your truck. Read about these pick up truck tanks at Water-Mates dot com.

Highlight from the SEMA show!

Fits most all makes & models!

The Weight-Mate pick up truck tank set was designed to fit most all standard makes and models of Pick Up Trucks. The Weight-Mates come in several different lengths, and 2 different widths. The currently available Weight-Mate sizes are as follows:

    6' Bed Lengths

  • Weight Mate 20" x 72" (40" Spacing between rear wheel wells)
  • Weight Mate 24" x 72" (48" Spacing between rear wheel wells)

    6 1/2' Bed Lengths

  • Weight Mate 24" x 72" (48" Spacing between rear wheel wells)

    8' Bed Lengths

  • Weight Mate 24" x 96" (48" Spacing between rear wheel wells)

Granger Plastics Rotomolding!

The Weight-Mates are another innovative example of the World leading Rotational Molding company, Granger Plastics. Granger Plastics has been in business over 16 years, providing innovative world class solutions for a large number of highly recognized industry leading companies. Granger Plastics prides itself on its quality craftmanship, industry leading engineering abilities and great customer service that seperate them from the rest of the Rotational Molding industry. Learn more about Granger Plastics and their internationally recognized status as a leader in Rotational Molding!